Gem + Geo believes that style and intention can come in the same package. And, that the moments when we most need to feel grounded in our intentions, are often the moments when we most want to feel stylish. (First date...big meeting...you know what we’re talking about.)

Our accessories are inspired by traditional malas, and updated for modern life. Each piece is hand-crafted with natural gemstones, and arrives with simple yet thoughtful instructions for setting your intention.

The Winter 2016 Collection brings together gemstones and geometry to create covetable accessories—and only you need to know the meaning that lies below the surface.

The Vision

Not to get too philosophical on you, but the way we see it, lines are blurring all across our lives. Is it work or play? Exercise or healing? Entertainment or education? More and more, the answer is all of the above. For Gem + Geo, this inspired two ideas. Style and intention as one. And, malas as a metaphor for the beautiful threads that weave together our shape shifting lives.

The Designer

Designer Mia Blume has always been on the hunt for unique accessories, finding meaning in where she found them or who designed them. She acquired her first mala during a transformative year, and specifically during a trip to Bali, where it felt fitting to wear a Rudraksha and black lava bead mala every day. Upon returning to her life and work in San Francisco, not so much. She realized her traditional mala didn’t live up to her modern style, but she wanted to hold onto its intention.

And that is how Gem + Geo was born.

Why malas?

Like tying a string on your finger, we all need reminders to slow down, to breathe, to speak up. For centuries, malas have served people as tactile reminders during chanting and meditation. But why stop there? By leading with style, we want to create beautiful reminders for women to hold their intentions, even amongst the chaos of daily life. Learn more about how to use your mala.