Every piece of Gem + Geo jewelry is made from natural elements. Most of these elements, like gemstones and silk thread, can be affected by chemicals and moisture. To prolong the beauty of your jewelry, please keep it in a safe, dry place. We also suggest you remove your mala prior to bathing, swimming, hot tubbing… or hot yoga.

Cleaning your mala

To keep your mala clean, avoid any chemicals or soap. Use a damp, soft cloth to wipe any dirt or makeup off your natural beads.

If your mala breaks

“When a mala breaks, its purpose has been fulfilled.” Someone wiser than us said that, and we believe it to be true. So, if youre mala breaks, we hope you feel grateful for the progress you’ve made with your intentions. And we love to hear about these moments, so please drop us a line with your story. Then ask yourself, what intention do you want to set next?